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Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Think Big. We help you tackle any size Mobile App or Social Media marketing initiatives.

Mobile Marketing

We know mobile, let us help you build, manage and retain your mobile clients.

Social Media

Over the last 8 years we have built over 20 million followers in our social networks.. We have the experience to help You

Video Marketing

We have been sending video marketing messages before it was cool.  Today we can show you how we dominate search engines.

Creative Marketing

As a business owner it’s about goals, objectives, revenue, an a return on investment.  We’re your digital partner to make that happen.

More About Our Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Marketing

What We Do:

Beyond developing a great mobile apps, Now What! Green Zebra provides affordable online marketing, social media and training assistance to get you up to speed quickly.  We make it quick and easy to get started.

The purpose of your mobile app is for client convenience and accessibility to your products and services. Buyers are using the internet to research, compare pricing with competitors before making a purchasing decision.

Every company on the planet is using social media so it seems, right.  Every buyer has a mobile phone or mobile tablet.  Our goal is to help you reach your buying audience to inform, educate, and convert.

Simple mobile app strategy: Build a loyal following, add your mobile app icon and link every!

Your objective: Build, build, build your client list, nurture prospects that have down loaded your business app. Generate more revenue.

When your ready, extend your marketing team and execute any scale marketing projects without lifting a finger. Our experienced marketing team specializes in completing marketing projects that would take your in house team days, weeks or months, allowing your team to focus on strategic thinking.

Now you can quickly tackle tasks, ranging from out bound marketing, web design, market research to content creation without investing more of your own time.

How It Works


We can take your in-house mobile and social marketing efforts to the next level. Our team is available to keep projects moving quickly. We can handle huge variations in the volume of work you need without missing a beat.

Customer Experience:

We offer solutions for improving the customer experience on your digital web properties. from improving content to testing your social management, we help you keep your customers engaged and drive them through the conversion funnel.

Experienced Team:

We combine smart software-based marketing automation solutions with a with an experienced marketing team equipped with mobile apps, out bound digital marketing, display advertising, SEO knowledge to deliver high-quality results.


As a marketer, you need a team to make changes quickly and fine tune projects on an ongoing basis. Making changes to accommodate your needs is quick and easy. Your dedicated account manager can manage the team in near-real time and train them on new project requirements.

Competitive Pricing:

You only pay us for the work your require. All of the work is billed on a per project or short term assignments, so you can set your budget on your own terms.

Leverage our marketing team to reach your customers quickly and efficiently.


Getting Started with Green Zebra Mobile is Easy, Simple & Quick…

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