Replace Paper, Re-allocate Digital, Implement Mobile Wallet Digital Loyalty Cards

More than 200 million iPhones today use this mobile wallet technology.
More than 80 million USA mobile users ages 22 to 36 want digital cards for mobile convenience.

The New Digital Wallet

Exploit the Potential – Give your mobile users immediate access to your products, services and promotions

Mobile Passes



Digital Wallet is the fastest growing and most on the spot mobile marketing service today.  Mobile users are taking full advantage of the great innovations that mobile wallet technology offers.

Example Digital Card

Zebra Local Pass

Add A Digital Card - Test for Yourself

  1. Find the Passbook app on your iPhone, It’s easy, promise!
  2. Open it up, Look for PASSES at the bottom of the phone
  3. Click scan code
  4. Place QR viewer over the QR Code below and your done.  That easy!
  5. Flip the digital card over for more info
  6. iPhone Url Click to download ->

    Green Zebra’s  Digital Training Card

Green Zebra Training Pass

Take Advantage Now, Its Your Competitive Advantage.
because you don’t know, doesn’t mean its not happening…

Apples’s built in iPhone App is called “Passbook” designed as an
organizer for an entire collection of credit cards, digital coupons, memberships, loyalty programs and more.

How It Works!

Purchase, Design, Activate & Distribute Mobile Wallet Digital Cards

Reach mobile users anywhere, anytime, real time, everywhere that drive ROI


No APP Required

A Mobile Wallet digital card works without consumers ever having to install an app from the app store.


Increase Foot Traffic

Get more people into the door of your business with location based incentive offers.



Geo-Fencing Solution

Loyal consumers get special offer notifications based on their proximity to your defined location.



Training & Strategy

Get more leads and promotion offers in front of your customers with real time mobile solutions to grow your business.

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Beacon Integration

Notify customers with lockscreen notifications when they come in proximity to a Beacon.


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Real Time Digital Card Updates

Send updates to your digital cards in real-time as lockscreen push notifications.


Simple Distribution

Distribute Digital Cards to consumers via Email, NFC Tags, QR Codes, Social Media and SMS.


Digital Cards Works with…


…And Much More!

Target Mobile Wallet – Get Digital Cards
The Best Loyalty Program Ever!

Requet a Quote

Add iBeacons Proximity Technology:

Ideal addition to Mobile Wallet & Social Wifi technology

What are Beacons?

Apple has implemented a technology called iBeacon (Beacons in general) which works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology to allow location-based information to iOS devices.This technology also works with Android Phones.

Beacon can be compared to a lighthouse. Lighthouses constantly send out light signals to ships to help them know how to get to their destination. A beacon constantly send out a broadcast radio signals (like the light of a lighthouse) that allow compatible devices to detect these signals and understand what is nearby.

When paired with your LocalPass any customer who has your passes in their mobile wallet can interact with your Beacons. Imagine a loyal customer walking by a store and getting a lockscreen notification on their smartphone with a “2 for 1” offer valid today only for being a loyal customer. This and more is all possible when you get started with LocalPass!

Expected Mobile Growth



Benefits of Business Beacons:

  • Entice customers to visit in-store with strategic and enticing messaging and offers
  • Increase sales by sending customers location based coupons and offers
  • Enhance customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience
  • Increase brand awareness and build relationships with customers