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Green Zebra offer “Digital Literacy” programs provide the opportunity to learn basic computer and software skills, and to obtain a certificate recognizing the accomplishment. The only prerequisite for taking the program is the ability to read a newspaper. Visit the Microsoft Digital Literacy program web site to learn more.

The founder, Wm Coleman Smith has taught entrepreneur programs, digital literacy & marketing courses to over 1 million students globally through educational partners, direct in person & online training programs. In addition to teaching learning courses, he developed Virtual learning platforms (LMS) and elearning distribution networks with colleges and corporations globally from 1989 – 2005.

He believes the importance of learning digital education is a critical step to being effective in the business market place. Business owners, students and employees without these Mobile technology skills will find the doors to employment almost impossible by 2020.

Digital Education can be fun and should be… Understanding mobile applications, digital marketing, mobile tools like small business mobile apps, mobile websites and social media training will change your life.

The first steps is making education a life time goal, your technology knowledge and implementation skills will only improve, Will YOU!

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More than 20 Digital training courses available:

  1. How the mobile marketing will impact your business by 2020?
  2.  How to design & develop you own mobile marketing strategy?
  3. What is Mobile Marketing?
  4. Real time mobile push notification using apple’s passbook, passes and beacons to reach your target audience.

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Our expert instructors have over 20 years using digital and mobile marketing solutions to grow their businesses.