Mobile App Testimonials & User Experience

  • Working with the Green Zebra Media team over the last two years has changed the way we look at online marketing and how we utilize videos in our search engine ranking efforts. We have already budgeted additional spending for the next fiscal year for additional services.
    Beams Interactive
  • Green Zebra has been wonderful on Guiding lights responsive website Pilot cars for oversize load services.  They have held my hand through the entire project. Within 48 hours began receiving calls and leads for services

    Talented team - Their vision and creativity on our mobile app project will change our industry forever.

    Guiding Light - MyPilotcars .com
  • Green Zebra Mobile which focuses on small businesses, allows users to easily create, edit and manage an app online without any programming knowledge.
    The New York Times
  • At Green Zebra mobile an owner can start by picking an industry-specific template; there are offerings for restaurants, bars, gyms, and others  
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Considering how cheap the service is and that apps are custom-made for each business - I think SMB Marketing has great potential.  
    Tech Crunch

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